WINBOWIG 28 Inches Kosher Wig 9A Virgin Human Hair Natural Black Color

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WINBOWIG 28 Inches Kosher Wig 9A Virgin Human Hair Natural Black Color

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WINBOWIG 28 Inches Kosher Wig 9A Virgin Human Hair Natural Black Color
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User Reviews

Was this Useful?
This hair was awesome and fit my texture to the fullest! I had a 20" lace wig. Little to no shedding and is constructed nicely!
Was this Useful?
so this hair is like totally amazing!!!!! 1. little to no shedding 2. extremely soft like I can't stop feeling it! 3. curls stay popping!!!! 4. to reset curls all you need is water girlll 5. a little foundation on the lace and you're set to go 6. the hairline is nothing but simply amazing!!! 7. parting on any angle still slays 8. hair shipment was so fast! I highly highly recommend this vendor and I will for sure be shopping here again- I got so manyyyyy compliments and people think it's my hair lol girl that's the goal... get it and flaunt- let's slay together!
Was this Useful?
I love the wig very soft and the size is perfect
But the shipment was bad because the box was damaged .. I hope that you will contact with them to be careful next time please
Was this Useful?
Love this wig I'm telling y'all buy it it's beautiful
Was this Useful?
The hair is very soft and manageable.
Was this Useful?
I love the hair! It is so soft. The hair came really quickly as well, spoke with the lovely Kevin. He answered all my questions and he is really sweet. Will definitely repurchase and recommend this hair!
Was this Useful?
I bought this wig a month ago. Wonderful 150% density. 18 inch full lace wig but seems much longer. The wig naturally will shed over time so it’s best to get it fuller so it lasts longer. First pics are as it came preplucked out the box. Later pics I bleached the knots and cut the baby hairs down a bit. Painted the inside with foundation then used acrylic sealer with a hairdryer to seal the knots. Seems a bit dry after washing but I use Hawaiian Silky and condition for beautiful loose waves. Gorgeous. My top knot was the bomb today.
Was this Useful?
I love love my wig its so silky soft, true to length and hold curls very well with no shedding..I have been ordering from this company for years now and WINBOWIG never disappoint me yet. This is my 3rd 360 lace frontal wig that i order and i will definately be ordering more in the future.
Was this Useful?
Absolutely stunning! So surprised at how great the quality of the hair is and how thick the hair! Love it!
Was this Useful?
This is my first human hair wig. It's so beautiful...it didn't have a bad smell. You can do so much with this unit. It was small enough to fit my little head! I've been getting so many compliments on this wig. It looks so natural, I didn't pluck it or wash it yet because I didn't have time. I can't wait to get off of work and play with it! I will be adding more pictures. I didn't use any products, I used gorilla gel in the yellow bottle to lay the lace completely down and I placed a scarf on it for about 20 minutes. I purchased the Black 20 inches. I'm in love ' since I purchased this unit I still haven't washed nor plucked it and I don't plan on doing so anytime soon. It flat ironed very well "no shedding" I wouldn't put any products on this unit.
Was this Useful?
let me start off by saying that this is the fist lace front I have purchased and I was skeptical on ordering and was not sure what I would get. I did read the comments and the good outweighed the bad so I decided to purchase. I anxiously waited for it to come in the mail and it came a day early. Talk about I need to get sick so I can go home early to get it. ok moving on. I open the white box and opened it up and it was very, very soft. Hair was exact in length and no smells. I waited a couple of days so that I could bleach the knots and dye it jet black. it took about an hour to dye the knots but no issues and it took the black dye with no issues too. Parting space is about 2 to 3 inches and looks very natural. I have been getting compliments all day today ( my first day wearing it ) I will be ordering from them again soon

okay I have been wearing this since the purchase date so I am coming back to give an update: 1/25/2018
If you don't seal the tracks you are in for some terrible shedding. like hella bad. it is still soft and waves bounce right back. the shedding started about two weeks after wearing it. I do brush it and put it in a nice bun in the back and put on my satin bonnet. again after I sealed tracks the shedding was not bad but I don't want to have to seal my tracks. the key is low maintenance. you will need to moisturize this hair or is will be very dry and brittle like. I am not sure if I will buy this hair again because of the shedding. is it good for the money yes but I have had better tracks than this wig. JUST TO MUCH DAMN SHEDDING
Was this Useful?
Got the hair a day Which is Always awesome ...it smelled Good When I took It Out the package And not to much I have to do with the hair ...the baby hairs was perfect and the straps in the back was amazing since I did my big chop about 3 months ago this is the only lace front I can't put on with out it falling off with a few Turns I Will Be Purchasing Again ...Thank You Soo Much For Making Me A Queen !
Was this Useful?
I was leery about this unit because of the price. I gave it 4 stars because it arrived super fast, it was light & very natural looking. The hair had no unpleasant smell, was soft, pretty & I only lost about 4-5 strands of hair (expected) when I first brushed it through. I removed the center comb (1 of 3), bleached the knots in the front (changed color in 20 min) which gave it a more realistic appearance & added some highlights. I also conditioned the hair with Silicon Mix and added a little nourishing Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum to the wet hair. The hair was beautiful for the first week but then started to shed & tangle a bit. I plan on sealing the knots & replacing the tracks in 360 area of the unit or just wearing it in an upsweep. As crazy as it sounds, I'd buy it again because of the realistic & natural front. I'm not sure if coloring was the issue with the shedding & tangling.
Was this Useful?
Soft, no tangle and definitely a beautiful texture and curl pattern. I might change the colour, if I do, I will post the pictures below.

So I decided to not change the colour of the hair but yo rather see what other styles I can do with this wig. It's so versatile, definitely try something different and see if it works for you.

I have noticed that it is high maintenance because I need to condition it twice a week, which is normal for curly hair but if you are the lazy type then this might not work for you.
During the night I take my wig off,spray it with a mixture of water and conditioner.
I then entangle it from the tips going upwards. By the next morning the wig is absolutely perfect.
Please mark this review as helpfu
Was this Useful?
I'm late writing this review. I wanted to wear the wig for a week so I can give a honest review. The transaction took about 4 days to come to Brooklyn NYC. The seller was in contact with me the whole time and was very professional. The wigs is a very thick and doesn't shed much I would purchase from this vendor again thank you.
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